Women's Engagement & Protection in Conflict: Examining Displacement, Peacemaking, and Empowerment

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Peace processes, defined as a series of mediated negotiations to end conflict between warring parties, have long been dominated by male members of fighting factions. These men, whether residing within or outside the country at the time of negotiations, heavily influence the future of the conflict-affected countries. Feminist scholars and activists have long pointed out that this understanding of conflict resolution falls short - and is highly vulnerable to breakdowns and reversals - because it excludes women, both within and outside the geographic zone of conflict. As conflicts, crises, and climate change has increased the number of those forcibly displaced to unprecedented levels, this panel proposes a reimagining of how displaced populations engage with home and host communities to further durable solutions to conflict and crises and how the international community furthers displaced women's equal, meaningful, and safe participation in peace processes.

This panel invites submissions that bring into dialogue the following topics, but not limited to:
1. Formal and Informal Engagement: Examining the structures through which displaced and diaspora women engage in peacemaking or peacebuilding processes in their home or host countries.
2. Inclusion Beyond Conflict Zones: Exploring ways to extend the Women, Peace, and Security agenda to include women who reside outside the geographic zone of conflict yet remain deeply affected by the ongoing conflict and its consequences.
3. Policies for Protection & Empowerment: Analyzing policies and practices implemented by home, host, or transit countries to protect and empower women and girls impacted by conflict and displacement.
4. Women's Role in Conflict Resolution: Investigating how addressing forced displacement and its gender-specific impacts can contribute to peacemaking processes and sustainable resolutions.

Date & Time

November 6th, 2023
13:30 (GMT +6)
Room SAC-707
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