Rohingya repatriation debates and survival-migration complex: Thoughts toward a policy shift

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The Rohingya repatriation stalemate contributes to the emergence of more debates than a solution. Available pieces of evidence credibly portray the emergence of factions among the Rohingyas about resettlement migration decision-making. While a section of the Rohingyas is desperate to move to third countries, another segment is adamant about returning to their natal birthplaces. Meanwhile, Rohingya migration takes many non-conventional forms. A strong sense of survival strategy leads many Rohingyas to innovate risky migratory and relocation travel paths. This panel proposes that ‘survival-migration complexes’ are an immediate discussable phenomenon before “resettlement” planning.

The proposed panel will invite dialogues and discussions over the following questions—
i) What are the newer forms of survival-migration of the Rohingyas which affects or
may affect the Rohingya repatriation planning?
ii) How does ‘statelessness’ shape Rohingya migration inside and outside Bangladesh?
iii) Does conventional migration scholarship suffice in relation to Rohingya cases?
iv) What are the lessons learned from the successes and failures of third-country resettlement attempts and initiatives?
v) Of many policy options, which one may appear to be the most appropriate for dignified and sustainable repatriation and resettlement of the Rohingyas?

We invite academics, practitioners, activists and professionals to submit their papers on the above topics.

Order of presentations:
1. Dr. Abdul Wohab (in-person)
2. Nasima Islam Jui (in-person)
3. Asif Bin Ali (in-person)
4. Htet Thiha Zaw (in-person)
5. Prof. Helal Mohiuddin (in-person)

Date & Time

November 6th, 2023
11:00 (GMT +6)
Room NAC-640
Session has ended.

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