In the "Too-Hard" basket: Locally-led response in complex and protracted settings

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While localisation has been a priority for the humanitarian sector for many years, how it translates into practice in complex and fragile contexts - especially in protracted crisis settings - remains one of the questions the sector has not been able to address adequately. Given how each context presents their own challenges, and the risk averse nature of donors and international actors, progress on locally-led action in such contexts remains elusive. The system also has a largely negative response to any shocks in such settings, where they revert back to internationally led models, reversing any progress made on localisation. While there have been efforts to make progress in such context, much of this has been done in isolation, whereas collective shifts remain challenging.

The panel will provide an opportunity to explore how locally-led response is currently being and can be better approached in complex and fragile contexts. In particular, the role the intermediary organisations in such contexts can be further explored to identify gaps and opportunities. While each context has their own unique challenges, there is also a need to see where lessons from a particular context can inspire creative solutions for common challenges.

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November 6th, 2023
09:00 (GMT +6)
Room NAC-640
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