Migration Management and External Borders in the EU: Refugees and Forced Displacement

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The world has seen unprecedented crises of mass displacement, refugees, and forced migration. These humanitarian crises are typically met with solidarity, but there is an apparent mismatched treatment of refugees within the European Union. The EU has consistently shifted the responsibility and ‘burden’ of migration and refugees to ‘third party’ states or non-member states with promises of accession negotiations and/or exertion of soft power. Furthermore, these tactics create a political influence that is seemingly the only priority despite the urgent humanitarian need of the forcibly displaced. The aim of this panel is to explore migration management in the European Union on external borders. The panel will also discuss the prospect of changes in the future, the adoption of current policies, and the responsibility to protect human life. The panel thus invites submissions that analyze race and disparities, responsibility, policy change, and migration management for refugees and other forcibly displaced persons within the EU. Additionally, papers that challenge the dominant narrative and external borders and address what changes need to be made to better meet the needs of refugees and forcibly displaced persons are invited to submit to this panel.

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November 7th, 2023
15:30 (GMT +6)
Room SAC-707
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