Everyday humanitarianism

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This panel seeks to better understand ‘everyday humanitarianism’. Whether looking at migrant populations stranded in multiple geographical locations across the world, earthquake survivors, or those fleeing war or climate disasters, to name just a few global ‘crisis’ scenarios, it is often the way the everyday is transformed that determines if the aim of alleviating suffering can be achieved. Everyday humanitarianism can be conceived in multiple ways: As localised action outside the traditional boundaries of what is conceived as humanitarian action, but also as the everyday practices of traditional humanitarian actors, local or global, who intervene in the everyday of a crisis situation. Linked to a planned special issue of the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs, this panel seeks contributions that interrogate, analyse, and reflect upon everyday humanitarian practices – from theoretical, empirical and policy perspectives. The special issue will seek to engage with debates about how the humanitarian system can be adapted to embrace the role played by everyday actors navigating increasingly complex and interconnected crises, and we hope some of the participants in this panel will also submit their papers for consideration for publication in that issue.

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