Inside/Outside: Exploring Participatory Responses to Protracted Crises

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Localisation requires working with local actors - but little guidance has been given as to how to make that happen. This panel is open to contributions that i) frame the issue of networks and planning with local populations impacted by crises and climate change, ii) zoom in on experiences of refugees and IDPs’ survival in cities and iii) reflect on tools to achieve self-reliance. Three of the papers will be drawn from the Protracted Displaced in an Urban World consortium, and we invite other contributors to join as well.
Paper 1 asks, “what makes a good life?” and presents determinants of well-being, through a tool to measure the well-being of refugees and IDPs based on data collected in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Jordan and Kenya. The research addresses the bias of policy, programming and funding towards camps by demonstrating how urban areas could be more productive, welcoming and safe spaces for refugees, returnees and IDPs, while benefiting host governments and communities.
Paper 2 looks at the role of displacement economies based on mixed-methods research with refugees in Nairobi, Addis and Amman. It explores the constituent elements of self-reliance and the role of displacement economies in achieving it.
Paper 3 brings conversations together to examine the role of participatory planning forums conducted in cities, including Jalalabad and Nairobi, with municipal governments, displaced representatives, civil society, private-sector, and aid organisations.

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