Health Systems Resilience in response to mass displacement, conflict, and disasters

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Mass displacement, conflicts and disasters create an additional burden on existing health systems. Internal displacement as well as influx of refugees from conflict-affected states face systemic challenges in addressing the multiple health needs of vulnerable refugee populations. Humanitarian health services provision can severely strain existing health infrastructure in host countries, impacting accessibility and affordability for both host and displaced populations (Newbrander et al., 2011).
The range of risks that displaced populations are exposed to including cyclones, fires, water scarcity, pollution pose further challenges to building resilience of health systems.

There is a need for coordinated and localised efforts across different humanitarian clusters, including actions from government, civil society organizations as well as non-governmental organizations.
This panel invites practitioners, humanitarian responders, academics and researchers who are interested in exploring the current approaches to building health systems resilience. The range of topics can include, but not limited to following themes:
• Disaster risks affecting health services provision, addressing social and health inequities and improving health systems building blocks to improve health outcomes
• Methodological approaches for studying, measuring or evaluating programmes to build health systems resilience
• Understanding and working with various vulnerable groups’ needs and access to health services such as infant and young children, adolescents, women and disabled groups
• Development and application of health technologies and innovation to strengthen or complement health systems
• Multisectoral approaches and integrated cluster coordination to enhance infrastructural resilience, community resilience as well as organizational resilience.

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November 6th, 2023
09:00 (GMT +6)
Room NAC-1024
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November 6th, 2023
11:00 (GMT +6)
Room NAC-1024
Session has ended.

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