Humanitarian studies theory seminar: conceptualizing the digital transformation

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This exploratory panel welcomes interventions focusing on the theorization of concepts, or the critique of concepts relevant to understanding the digital transformation of aid. While reflecting on the specific ‘humanitarian’ aspects of these concepts, we also seek to anchor them in the broader disciplinary fields of anthropology, IR, sociology, anthropology, political science, geography, literary studies, history, criminology or law, among other. We welcome research-based interventions drawing on published or evolving academic work. Possible topics include:

• Data In/Justice
• Technocolonialism
• Data capitalism
• Humanitarian surveillance/dataveillance
• Digital bodies
• Humanitarian Extractivism
• Humanitarian experimentation
• Technological utopianism
• Datafication
• Digital (do no) harm

Organizers: Kristin Bergtora Sandvik, Larissa Fast and Katja Lindskov Jacobsen

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