Appreciative Inquiry: Lessons for Effective Local Participation

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Appreciative inquiry is a way to engage groups of people and local institutions in self-determined change. It focuses on what’s working rather than what’s not working and leads to people co-designing their future.
The panel is proposed to explore the landscape, examples, methods and processes, cases, and processes that reflect appreciative ways of monitoring, evaluation, and impact studies that focus on the context of agriculture, family farming, adaptation and mitigation, resilience to climate change, and reducing disaster risk.
Questions the panel will explore are as below:
What does it take to co-create appreciative inquiry with small farmers, particularly family farming and women farmers, to reduce disaster and climate-related risks?
How do appreciative inquiry processes support preparing for emerging risks?
What are recent lessons for effective participatory exercise?
Is migration creating the required change for women’s leadership in farming and agribusinesses?
The highlights and key lessons from the panel will be captured and published in AIDMI’s publication ‘’ to promote appreciative inquiry among researchers and evaluators in the field of humanitarian action, disaster risk reduction, and adaptation to climate change.

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