Deforestation and weak urbanization as catalysts to flooding and fires

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In the last two decades, the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has become a theatre of humanitarian situations. Yet, in addition to conflict affected areas, there are other settings mostly affected by flooding and houses burnt because of deforestation on the one hand and of weak urbanization on the other hand. Delivering humanitarian assistance has become a space where multiple actors intersect, ranging from local to international actors. Contributors will then examine the May 2023 Kalehe flooding humanitarian situation with a death toll of more than 500, the June 2023 Camp-Zaire crisis, or any other related crisis in the DRC or elsewhere. This panel seeks papers that address how humanitarian governance takes place in those settings and how humanitarian actors interplay by paying attention to key stakeholders and how needs of affected communities find responses by looking at the following questions:
(i) What are the roles of the State and civil society actors?
(ii) What has been done by national and international organizations as well as by United Nations Agencies?
(iii) What is the status of social accountability in both upward and downward sides while distributing aid?
(iv) What is suitable in terms of relocation and / or re-urbanization?

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November 6th, 2023
13:30 (GMT +6)
Room NAC-923
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