The Uptick of Social Media and the Influence on Migration

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As migration has increased during the last five years, so has the prevalence of social media, news coverage on migration, and political opposition to migration in the West. This panel will look at social media and its influence on the rise of xenophobia leading to the shaping of news and political narratives and how it influences migration. Volunteer groups, charities, and social movements also use social media to organise assistance and advocacy, but from an opposing political perspective. Additionally, it will look at how migrants and smugglers are using social media to make decisions about and organize their movements, share information, and control their own narratives.

This panel invites papers on the influence of social media on any of these topics related to migration and mobilities: xenophobia, news coverage, migrant decision-making and the assistance and advocacy of voluntary groups. The interaction between these can also be explored: does it lead to a sharing of views or polarization? What are the humanitarian consequences?

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