Conflict and Hunger: Untangling the Connections and Building Food System Resilience

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The 2022 Global Report on Food Crisis highlights conflict as the major driver of acute food insecurity, which forced approximately 139 million people into crisis level insecurity in 2021. The scale of this impact on households and communities is compounded by climate change and spans economic, political, social, and environmental activities. Given the complex, interconnected, and mutually reinforcing relationships at play, conflict’s impacts should be considered through a food systems lens rather than narrower outcome measures or siloed approaches. A holistic systems approach could identify novel leverage points for addressing conflict's impacts.

This panel invites academic and practitioner insights to interrogate the impact of conflict on various elements of the food system and how they are mediated to identify targets to build resilience and protect development gains.

The panel will aim to address various issues, including but not limited to the following:
1. The role of natural resource management and peace-building in the food system
2. The gendered impacts of conflict in the value chain for food security
3. The relationship between conflict, food security and displacement
4. Supporting endogenous local food systems in fragile and conflict settings
5. Open to related topics

Date & Time

November 7th, 2023
11:00 (GMT +6)
Room NAC-1117
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