Money Talks. Exploring Funding Solutions for Localized Humanitarian Response

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The focus on identifying innovative funding solutions stems from the UN Secretary General High-Level Panel on Financing’s alert on the widening humanitarian funding gap. It identified “three important and interdependent aspects of the humanitarian financing challenge: reducing the needs, mobilizing additional funds through either traditional or innovative mechanisms, and improving the efficiency of humanitarian assistance”. This panel brings together leading researchers and practitioners from ODI, START Fund Bangladesh and Oxfam Myanmar to share emerging insights on innovative funding solutions to strengthen locally-led humanitarian responses. Field experiences from START Fund Bangladesh and Oxfam Myanmar are complemented with recent ODI research findings on non-traditional sources and modalities of financing for local actors and communities in preparedness and response. To frame the discussion, Oxfam will draw on findings from its recent report, Money Talks1, which offers insights on how the existing aid financing architecture could better support local and national humanitarian actors. The outcomes of this panel will contribute to the search within the global humanitarian system for ways to realize greater financing efficiencies as well as leverage the comparative advantages of local, national, and international humanitarian actors, and meeting the Grand Bargain commitment “more support and funding tools for local and national responders”.

- Sajid Raihan, Country Manager, Start Fund Bangladesh
- Sophie Ford, Humanitarian Programme Adviser, Oxfam in Myanmar
- Barnaby Willitts-King, Senior Research Fellow, Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI
- Saskia Harmsen, Change Manager Charter for Change, Oxfam (facilitator)

1 Money Talks, A synthesis report assessing humanitarian funding flows to local actors in Bangladesh and Uganda, Oxfam, March 2018,

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