Gideon Mwawasi Member Profile

Gideon Mwawasi

Localisation and Partnership Specialist
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Gender and Title Male, Mr
Telephone 0702916240
Bio Gideon Mwawasi a Localisation and Partnership Specialist based in Nairobi, Kenya. He leads the implementation of the localization initiative for the HIAS Kenya Office. Previously, Gideon was the Protection Associate in the Legal Protection unit where supported the unit in providing quality, timely and effective protection interventions to urban refugees. He is experienced in protection mainstreaming and case management having been involved in urban protection programing for the past two years. He also has extensive experience in community-based protection programming. He is interested in enhancing refugee participation in local and global advocacy efforts to strengthen refugee protection. He has an education background in law, development studies and human rights.


Expertise Country Affiliation Local
Localisation Kenya
I lead HIAS Kenya's localisation pilot project that aims to strengthen humanitarian assistance among urban refugees through localisation initiatives like sub awards to local/refugee-led organizations, capacity-strengthening/sharing activities and joint advocacy.