Are you interested in hosting the next IHSA Conference?

Please send in a proposal to host the next conference on humanitarian studies to

What does it mean to host the IHSA Conference on Humanitarian Studies?

Co-host and collaboration:

  • Your organization will be the official co-host and (academic) partner of the conference that year. This will be communicated throughout all conference promotions, website and other PR campaigns
  • You and your colleagues will collaborate with the IHSA board on choosing the conference themes of that year
  • They will also be part of the Scientific Committee to decide which panels will be accepted or not

Conference outline:

  • We usually expect around 200 to 300 people on sight with a few hundred more online
  • Three conference days running from 9am to 6pm
  • Up to 90 panel sessions with around 8 parallel sessions throughout the three days

Venue and other practicalities:

  • The conference requires 8 (class)rooms throughout the three days that fit at least 30 to 50
  • Laptops/computers, projectors and webcams for the hybris sessions are needed in each room.
  • A reliable WIFI connection and steady electricity is needed throughout the venue.
  • Technical support for the hybrid panels is needed in the rooms at all times. This can be through student assistants or technical support on call.
  • A plenary hall is needed for the opening and closing sessions, holding up to +/- 300 people. For the plenary sessions, we normally invite local and international key-note speakers, practitioners and/or scholars. A plenary hall can also be booked in the area close to the venue.
  • A number of central locations are needed for coffee breaks, so people can meet up but can also get coffee. Likewise a lunchtime facility to cater for up to 300 is needed.
  • There should be hotels within reasonable distance of the venue
  • The venue should be within a taxi ride of an international airport
  • The country proposed should be one for which it is easy for all or participants to obtain an entrance visa


  • In order to keep the ticket price as low as possible it would be preferable if the host organization could help with finding donors for the event, or act as a sponsor itself e.g offering discounts on the venue and catering.

Feel free to reach out to to set-up an online meeting for more information before you apply!