Paper: Food Security is a Triple-helix security phenomenon: An observation from COVID-19 in Indonesia

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Paper authors Jonatan Lassa
In panel on COVID-19 beyond Health Insecurity
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Food security is a composite security concept. Food security is inextricably linked to a set of collective security at the planetary level ranging from state security, human security, and all forms of non-traditional security such as health, water, climate, energy, market, etc. Modern food security is naturally anchored in all forms of security, especially state security, human security and non-traditional security. This paper offers a triple-helix security framework to examine policies pertinent to food security under COVID-19 emergencies in Indonesia. This paper highlights how each security framework is used to meet food security objectives and what lessons are to be learnt. Furthermore, this paper further argues that over-reliance on one strategy at the expense of the other will fireback the state from protecting its own citizen



Jonatan Lassa