Round Table: Humanitarian Assistance for Rohingya Refugees: Voices from Below

The Rohingya refugees are in a dire situation and living with an uncertain future of repatriation. The humanitarian assistance for them is reducing day by day. This Round Table will bring in the humanitarian practitioners and researchers working with Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugees. This session will focus on the unheard plights and voices of the Rohingyas. It will show the nature and extent of assistance provided to the Rohingyas and the challenges various partners face. The organizations participating in this roundtable are the BD-COAST, Artolution, ActionAid, and the Center for Peace Studies (CPS) of SIPG, NSU.


Bulbul Ashraf Siddiqi



Date and Time

7 November

09:00 – 10:30 GMT+6

Room: Syndicate Hall