Decolonising aid? Issues and directions

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There is increasing discussion today of the concept of decolonising aid. Yet despite a nascent body of research exploring decolonisation of research methods and interactions with First Nations communities, few have seriously examined practical implications of decolonising global aid practice. This panel will address questions surrounding what decolonising means for aid practice and research, and for global power structures controlling aid decision-making? The panel will bring together community development specialists with humanitarian practitioners, to critically reflect on our practice to date, discussing the literature on decolonisation, and possible ways forward for addressing this important concern in global aid today.

Potential topics include: challenges in understanding what decolonisation means; alternatives to ‘decolonisation’ framing; the multiple layers of decolonisation; exploring/critically reflecting on personal experience; dialogue about responses and actions by aid academics/practitioners.
This will be a two part panel session. The first part will be for invited speakers from the Development-Humanitarian Research Group at Deakin University (Australia).
The topics included in the first part are:
· What do we know about decolonisation?
· Alternative frameworks to decolonisation
· Decolonising humanitarian studies curriculum
· Critical reflections on attempts to decolonise practice

The second part of the panel session is open for external paper presentations, where you are invited to explore questions such as; what decolonisation would imply for the funding, coordination, divisions of labour and implementation of humanitarian assistance and how this would ultimately affect vulnerable communities.

Date & Time

November 4th, 2021
09:00 (GMT +1)
Amphithéâtre Albert Sorel
Session has ended.

November 4th, 2021
11:00 (GMT +1)
Amphithéâtre Albert Sorel
Session has ended.

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