Rethinking the History of Attacks on Healthcare
Organiser(s): Laure Humbert, Bertrand Taithe, Raphaele Balu

In May 2021, we commemorated the 5th anniversary of the adoption of the Resolution 2286 by the UN Security Council on the Protection of civilians in armed conflict. It is thus a particularly apposite time to reflect on how historians have approached the issues of violence, health and care in wartime and how historical approaches might be relevant in contemporary debates about data collection (How can data be desegregated? How have concepts gender and race shaped medical experiences of violence and impacted on delivery of care throughout time?), accountability mechanisms (What count as an attack?) and advocacy efforts against attacks against healthcare (Why have some attacks been considered as more inacceptable than others?).

Our starting point is that understandings of the impacts of ‘ ..

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