Migration crises in Latin America: what management of exiled populations?

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Latin America is one of the world's regions where the issue of managing forced migrant flows is currently most salient. Several crises are underway: in Central America, Colombia, and Venezuela. Between security and development issues, in the context of a health crisis, economic crisis, and often political crisis, the countries of departure, passage, and reception struggle to sustain these migratory flows at the national and Latin American levels.
What is the evolution of the management of displaced people in Latin America? What consultations and circulation of good practices have taken place? What role do the United Nations, cooperation, and international humanitarian aid play? What about the concrete action of the States of departure, passage, and reception? Is civil society an ally to be mobilized, already mobilized, or is it the unconvinced target of imposed reception policies? What are the roles of migrant associations in managing the flow of their compatriots, particularly the most precarious?
This panel welcomes presentations of local, national, or even comparative situations. It also hopes to provide an updated regional analysis of contemporary issues in the management of exiles in Latin America. Papers based on fieldwork are particularly welcome.

Paper presentations

La Solidaridad o La Soledad?
Author(s): Lana Gonzalez Balyk
Humanitarian aid and control during Covid-19: the case of Venezuelan migrants in Peru
Author(s): Cécile Blouin, Cristina Maria Zamora Gómez, Irene Palla

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November 3rd, 2021
18:00 (GMT +1)
Room 15
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