Syrian Remittances: Navigating Forced Displacement, Sanctions and Humanitarian Needs
Organiser(s): Erica Moret, Joseph Daher, Tolga Bolukbasi, Benjamin Shraven and Ola El Taliawi

The role of remittances in the political economies of the Middle East has traditionally been an important subject for scholars interested in the challenges of development in resource poor countries, “absence” of broad-based political mobilization, as well as unconventional mechanisms for sustaining social welfare since the adoption of neoliberal reforms in the late 1980s. The scholarship on the subject predominantly tends to focus on quantifying the volume of remittances, in relation to the GDP with few empirical attempts to comparatively survey the motives for remitting, or the impact on recipient households. With the exception of the case of Lebanon, the literature has not focused on the experiences of those countries affected by violent conflict. Post the Arab uprisings, however, the r ..
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