Building locally-led solidarities over shrinking space for civil society

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Worldwide, the space for civil society is shrinking. The rise of authoritarian governments and landscapes of violence resulting from the intersection of socioeconomic inequalities, misogyny, racism, and environmental vulnerabilities, are making it increasingly difficult for NGOs to operate. Covid-19 has also significantly restricted freedom of expression, movement, and peaceful assembly (Kumi, 2022). In some cases, the withdrawal or limitations of the State have opened up space for street gangs and violents groups. In others, where authoritarian governments are on the rise, the State has taken advantage of the pandemic to pass legislation that restricts the work of human rights or environmental organizations. This panel proposes to examine the possibilities and spaces for solidarity that are being built despite the difficulties faced by international and national organizations. Particular attention will be paid to the multiple, trans-national and trans-local solidarities built in marginal, conflict-ridden environments and "no-rights" zones. The research presented results from field studies, interviews, and interdisciplinary collaborations between scholars and local actors, activists, and organizations.

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November 5th, 2023
15:30 (GMT +6)
Room NAC-1117
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