Building a Knowledge Base: Theories and Methods in Humanitarian Action

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This panel aims to address the need for a comprehensive knowledge base in the field of humanitarian work. Unlike established disciplines, humanitarian action lacks a universally agreed-upon theoretical framework and a structured overview of influencing factors and methodologies. By bringing together experts and practitioners in the field of humanitarian studies and education, this panel seeks to explore theories and methods that can serve as a practical and concise toolkit for humanitarian learning and provide a solid foundation for the sector.

Key Discussion Points:

1) Current overview of and gaps in theoretical frameworks and methodologies in humanitarian action.
2) Exploring interdisciplinary approaches and synergies for building effective humanitarian work theory.
3) The role of formal education and professionalization in the humanitarian sector in building theoretical foundations.
4) Bridging the gap between theory, research, policy, and action in humanitarian crises.
5) Examining the relationship between coloniality and theoretical background.
6) Incorporating lived experiences in shaping theories and methodologies for humanitarian work.

Date & Time

November 7th, 2023
15:30 (GMT +6)
Room NAC-1024
Session has ended.

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