Innovations in Education in Emergencies and for Displaced and Disadvantaged Populations

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The rapid growth of online educational and skill building opportunities globally has been a game-changer for displaced populations and for those lacking access to traditional opportunities. Online employment opportunities have also radically changed the global workplace, providing work for refugees and others whose employment may be restricted locally. Yet for many, technological challenges still restrict access to these chances.

While online and virtual provision of educational offerings increased tremendously during the CoVID pandemic and is more widely accepted and familiar now in many parts of the world, limitations of electricity, connectivity, and availability of devices still restrict access of millions to any sort of online programs. Yet there are new solutions available.

This panel will include discussion of the challenges (technological, human, and regulatory) of expanding access to education and skills training for displaced and isolated populations and will present a number of innovative solutions, including new aspects of offline learning.

Date & Time

November 7th, 2023
09:00 (GMT +6)
Room SAC-620
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