Teaching violence: trauma, professionalisation and humanitarian education


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As the number, desirability, and professional weight of humanitarian studies courses continues to grow, more research is needed to understand their multifaceted impacts. This panel seeks to understand the modes of delivery for courses which encounter inequality, conflict, violence and vulnerability as their core themes. Papers are invited from scholars to disseminate, discuss and reflect on experiences of teaching trauma. In particular, papers could address the issues surrounding the teaching of violence and crisis contexts in higher educational settings; the tensions between trauma-affected teaching and the professionalisation of the humanitarian sector; dealing with the impact of vicarious trauma on staff and students alike; how inequalities in global education affect humanitarian studies; and avenues for potential future research and collaboration in this area. We particularly welcome contributors from the Global South and furthermore, those practitioners who have been asked to contribute to higher educational courses (and if you’d like to talk about the panel before applying please get in touch). The panel hopes to start the conversation to consider how well students are supported to engage with difficult subjects and understand the narratives in the design and delivery of courses pertaining to violence.

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November 5th, 2021
09:00 (GMT +1)
Room 23
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Jessica Hawkins
Róisín Read
Eleanor Davey