Borders and Subjectivities: Imagination, bodies, and political experiences / Frontières et subjectivités : Imagination, corps et expériences politiques
Organiser(s): Paola Diaz, Fernando Garlin Politis

ENGLISH (French & Spanish below)

Borders are spaces where the voices of the living, the dead, and the disappeared compose a dense texture of presence and absence (Sossi, 2013). Material traces, such as the footprints of migrants, intersect with immaterial traces, such as memories, illusions, and fears (Van Gennep, 2001; De León, 2015). Indeed, borders play a constitutive role in the modes of production and organization of political subjectivity (Agier, 2012; Mezzadra et al., 2017), making visible the forms of structural and interpersonal violence that pervade contemporary societies: the exploitation of people, the commodification of the body, as well as the different ways of (de)valuing life (Castro Neira, 2009; Valencia, 2016; Salazar, 2019).

In this panel, we seek to understand th ..

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